Discover the exhibition “Unusual lights” by Aristote Vérité Sivéras (Ambiances Insolites on Instagram), engaged in the photography of the upper parts of historical and religious monuments.

To be discovered in the choir of the royal chapel of Dreux on Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7.
(Included in the domain entrance ticket)

Word from the photographer:

“A name that rings and which is not for nothing in this journey of dizziness and imagination that we share, with a beating heart. The eye of the young inventor is made for these landscapes of vaults and panoramas which he makes radiate in a psychedelic way, as if the rainbow had liquefied into a flood of luxury…

We, the builders, have anchored the churches and their altars in the ground of the planet… Today their spiers have joined these walkways and roofs, where our artist bird slips through.

Because He flies from one roof to another, companion of a Gospel nourished by hope and parousia. The intimate and constantly renewed celebration of faith in space.

A book of hours transmitted from century to century welcomes our gaze and our communion. Intimacy that brings us together, and resembles us, such is the experience. »